daylight savings time


 begins on November 3rd, 2013 at 2 a.m.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

It is important to put smoke detectors in the right places in your home. You should also test them regularly to make sure that they work properly. And every 6 months test them to make sure they are working properly and if necessary replace the batteries.

As a suggestion, why not check them twice a year at the beginiing and the end of Daylight Savings time and in case you have forgotten, this Sunday November 3rd at 2AM is the end of Daylight Savings time so, time to set your clocks 'back' one hour.

Your First Line of Defence!

If there is a fire in your home, smoke detectors are your family’s first line of defence. They give you an early warning that danger is present, and could give your family time to reach safety.

All homes should have smoke detectors. Many newer homes have smoke detectors wired directly into the electrical system. There are also many different models of portable smoke detectors that are battery-operated and easy to install.